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1 Controls
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These are the default controls for Survive the Nights. Holding the ALT key during game launch will allow you to customize the below keybindings.

Default Key On Foot In Vehicle Notes
Wkey.png Walk Forwards Drive Forwards
Skey.png Walk Backwards Drive Backwards (Reverse)
Akey.png Strafe Left Turn Left
Dkey.png Strafe Right Turn Right
Shiftkey.png Sprint ---
Spacebar.png Jump ---
Ckey.png Toggle Crouch/Stand ---
Default Key On Foot In Vehicle Notes
Enterkey.png Chat Chat
Ikey.png Open/Close Inventory ---
Esckey.png Open/Close Game Menu Open/Close Game Menu
Ekey.png Interact Interact
50px Find Interactible Items Find Interactible Items
Tabkey.png Players List Players List
Default Key On Foot In Vehicle Notes
Mouseleft.png Attack/Fire Weapon ---
Mouseright.png Aim ---
Rkey.png Reload ---

Custom Controls Configuration Back to Top

Holding the ALT key the moment you double click the STN Desktop Icon will allow you to customize the below keybindings.

Currently players are unable to modify these key bindings from their default values. Please check in-game if you need any assistance.

Game Settings Back to Top

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